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Best AC Coil Cleaner Reviews

Coils are found in the majority of cooling devices and in every air conditioner. They are usually found in the condenser parts of the AC unit and evaporators and contain the refrigerant. Most of the time your running unit is affected by dust, dander, and debris.

Which reduces the efficiency of AC. Also, the AC coils become problematic for harmful microorganisms. That’s why a great idea to take care of the ac coils with any best ac coil cleaner products. That will help to reduce the spread of pathogens and maintaining optimal performance.

What is The Best Ac Coil Cleaner

You need to consider many things before buying the best air conditioner coil cleaner or Ac coil cleaners. depending on many features we have collected the top-rated ac coil cleaner, follow the list.

Best AC Coil Cleaners List

NumberProductsScore Price
1Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaner 9.9Check Price
2Nu-Brite 4291-08 Ac Coil Cleaner9.8Check Price
3No Rinse Evap Power AC Coil Cleaner9.7Check Price
4Chemistry Coil Cleaner9.6Check Price
5Frost King for AC coil product9.5Check Price
6Lundmark AC Coil Cleaner9.3Check Price
7CRC AC Coil Cleaner9.0Check Price

Top 7 Best AC Coil Cleaner Products

1. Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaner

Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaner

The Nu-Calgon coil cleaner has made from heavy-duty detergent, actually, they have used alkaline and surfactants to formulated it. You can use it in any position such as upside-down or right side up. probably specifically designed for any cooling coils or evaporator coils..

Just you’ll spray it on your coils it will clean the unit automatically. also, the manufactures mentioned that this hasn’t any harmful chemical so it can be applied around your food processing areas.

Nu-Calgon removes grease, oil, dirt and other materials and is safe for use on metal and other materials. This detergent has a fresh lemon scent that works to remove the odor to the ac cleaning units.  When you will turn on the air condition you will feel fresh lemon scents. Its price is very affordable.

When you’ll run on the ac unit then it will help to get rid of the stinky sox problems. just you’ll apply it and forget about the cleaning. you’ll spend a few months but the smell will not come back.

2. Nu-Brite 4291-08 Ac Coil Cleaner

Nu-Brite 4291-08 Ac coil cleaner

This NU-BRITE AC coil cleaner is the best cleaner in our list. It is a non-acid, alkaline-based product, that clean coil perfectly and brightening air-cooled condensers. It creates a foam that cleans the dirt and grime and looks coil fresh and spotless.

As, it is non-acid, alkaline-based, so safe for use. Though has many cleaners in the market all the product isn’t non-acid.

However, to use this cleaner needs a plastic sprayer. After applying it, try to rinse down the coils thoroughly. Though it is a corrosive product. This does mean that when it is used for a too long time, can be some troubles. It is also a versatile product; you can use for cleaning radiators.

3. No Rinse Ac Evap Coil Cleaner

No Rinse Ac Evap Coil Cleaner

No Rinse Evap Power Coil Cleaner is another different product on our list. That is a no-rinse product formulated for cleaning indoor evaporator coils. It perfectly cleans stubborn soils and deposits and is biodegradable as well as USDA-Authorized. No need to rinsing and it is a highly concentrated version cleaner. So before using, you will need to dilute with the water at a 3:1 ratio.

Also an attractive feature, it most effectively cleans grease, oil, dirt which better than other products and ideal to remove the heavily soiled of the coils. While removing the heavy soil, dirt, and oil of the coils, Try to use a brush to get better results. Some time can be hard to remove them,  That’s why,  brush recommended.

4. Chemistry Coil Cleaner

 Chemistry Coil Cleaner

If you looking for Foaming No-Rinse, No-Wipe ac coil cleaning products. this chemistry cleaner will be best for you. It quickly removes dirt, grease, lint of the coil and matted material from RV condenser coils and fin, and makes foam that can breaks down the soil. After using it you will no need rinsing and wiping.

This cleaner is so effective that’s why you can clean your RV roof air-conditioners or other air-conditions. You can apply this cleaner very easily. after you apply it will automatically remove the dirt and debris.  No need to do burnishing, rinsing and wiping. Also, to get spotless you ac coil, just make four passes, which is enough to make the ac coil spotless.

5. Frost King Ac Cleaner Spray Product

Frost King Ac Cleaner Spray Product

The is the best quality AC cleaning solution. you can use it for almost all types of coils. this is a water-based cleaning solution, which means you can spry it of any position.

It can remove liquefies grease, dirt, oil from the ac coil and not harmful for plastic drain pans, or other materials in and around the area And Neutralizes odors from standing water in drain pans.

Also, it is a non-acids product, will not damage coils. Very simple ways to possible clean any coil with it, just you will apply it on coils and wipe with the water.

6. Lundmark Condenser Coil Cleaner

Lundmark Condenser Coil Cleaner

Lastly in our best product list has Lundmark AC Coil Cleaner. You can ask me why I am saying it is the last product on our list and why given the CRC Coil Cleaner below? The CRC coil cleaner we have taken on our list depending on some customer reviews, and knowing your opinion, if you have any idea about it don’t forget to know us in the comment.

However, landmark ac coil cleaner perfect for cleaning. It can instantly remove dirt and grime of ac coils. First, spray this cleaner on your ac coil then allow the chemicals to work. After some time rinsing the coil with water. These simple ways to you can clean your ac coils.

7. CRC AC Coil Cleaner

CRC AC Coil Cleaner

CRC specifically has designed to clean the condenser and evaporate coils. this is heavy duty and high performance-based solution. This cleaner aggressive alkaline detergent blend can remove grease, oil, and dirt and available for use in an aerosol can. For this formula, no need rinsing and you can apply with real ease. After using this cleaner you will need to wipe or clean ac coil in a few minutes without brushing.

This cleaner other features, it is registered by the NSF C1, A1 for use in a poultry plant and meat. It reduces the fire risk by incidental contact with live electrical equipment or solvents trapped by insulating materials. The main fact CRC ac coil cleaner hasn’t any harmful chemicals that can damage the zone and in the product contains no 1st and 2nd classes ozone-depleting.

You can spray this cleaner from any position, even upside down to you will able to use. Applications include blower wheels and fan blades, refrigeration condensers and air conditioning. This cleaner can be used for coils cleaning and on all metal blades.

What Is The Main Purpose of the AC Coils

AC coils are divided into two types.  They are evaporator coil and condenser coil. The evaporator is responsible for giving cool air and the condenser part of the cooling process.  Though many people believe it, Air-Conditioner doesn’t cool the air. Actually it removes the heat from the air.

The evaporator coil extracts the heat as it passes and then, through the help of a refrigerant enables cold air. The heat is extracted and releases outdoors while the homes are kept cooler. That fan included on top will blow the hot air over the condenser coils and before passed outside it will release some of the heat from the refrigerant. Always the two coils need to remain in optimal condition for the air-conditioner to have an effective cooling process.

Operate The AC Unit with Dirty Coils

In our locality, most of the people use the ac units with dirty coils. That’s why they feel two problems, the first problem is a lack of cooling in the home and the next problems are the ac coils don’t effectively extract all of the heat. If you feel this problem and want to work the air conditioner effectively then kept clean your ac unit and make sure the coils free of contaminants.

The dirt or contaminants barrier to the coils and keeps the heat from escaping. So it can be lead do drainage problems but possibly to fixed quickly. After clean your ac unit correctly, the ac unit will be working as the new ac unit. You should check often the ac coil as though not trapped new dirt.

Features of a Good AC Coil Cleaners

When you will looking for an ac evaporator coil cleaner or AC coil cleaner in the markets, there are some important features need to keep in mind. That will help to identify the right, safe, and effective cleaner. We have described all the most important features, which have below.


 Acids based have many coil cleaner, that helps to clean coils. But dirt on coils can be rather stubborn and the acid can damage the coils. Most of the AC manufacturers recommend using only water, but a gentle alkaline-based substance can also work.


The ac coil cleaner applying process should be easy as you will no need hard work to apply. If the additional sprayer is included, then it applying method will be so much easy that’s why you will not need to worry about applying too much of it.

USDA Authorized: 

If the coil cleaner is USDA authorized, it means the product safe for use near the food. So will be no need to worry about any poisonous substances that can be problems for health either.


Some manufacturers specifically designed some ac coil cleaner that can be more expensive than the general-purpose cleaners that you are used to.  Fortunately, a little can go a long way.


Already I know you have used any ac coil cleaner, which specially designed for ac coil. Some ac coil cleaner is possible to use elsewhere and they remove the dirt and grime as well. If you can select versatile products then the product will be a better option to use elsewhere, which will help to save your extra money and no need to buy a new cleaner.

Not harmful:

 Chlorinated solvents and some ac coil cleaning chemicals are harmful to the environment and when they do the work of cleaning a little faster and better, it does not bode well for health. If not possible to find out something completely green, try to consider something ozone-friendly.

Think first before buying the product

Everybody should clean ac coils regularly then the ac will be long-lasting. All ac manufacturers have recommended a schedule that always needs to follow. Also, you can use a homemade ac coil cleaning solution or any cleaning product to increase the ac coil lifespan. But remember, don’t try to use ac coil cleaner alternatives for any solution if you have no enough knowledge.

Of our list to the “Nu-Calgon Coil Cleaner” and “Nu-Brite” can be the something same for their cleaning quality, but their features aren’t the same. Who are interested to buy any non-acid, alkaline-based cleaner then the NU-CALGON will best choose. If anyone wants to get the lemon scent with the cleaner they can choose the “NU- CALGON’’ cleaner.

Again here have some products there are “Evap Power” and “Chemistry”. Without any rinse, that will help to clean? They want to save money or not interested to invest so much, the Frost King highly recommended for theirs. When you will apply it on coils,, after apply you will need to rinse with the water, that doesn’t like most of the persons. They don’t like to rinse, the most effective solution for is the “Evap Power” or “Chemistry” that works automatically to cleaning.

Lastly, this list 2 product “Lundmark ” and “CRC’’. That is ideals to clean dirt, grease, and grime? The CRC will help to reduce the electric bills up to 40% every month if you clean ac coil with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Nu-Calgon Cleaner Product

Can I use this to clean refrigerator coils?

I am not sure. but 2 users saying you can use for refrigerator coil. but one user saying you can’t use this.

Is this cleaner ideal to remove the moldy of the unit?

No.  This cleaner solution for the external parts like evaporator and condenser. But you can try to do it. Before, I didn’t this type of work. Some users saying is it, their opinion I have shared here.

Can I buy now this cleaner to use 6 months from now?

Some customers state that they use this cleaner for one year, you can use this. It would be work like the first time.

Have this cleaner single pack?

Yes, this cleaner has a single pack. Here I have shared four-pack products. So you can buy the one pack product on the market. It depends on you.

2.Nu-Brite 4291-08

Can I apply this cleaner with a garden pump sprayer? Or does it need a special sprayer?

If you want to use this cleaner. just need for you little hand pump sprayer. It is the best method. That I am using now for cleaning my ac coil.

Is this a concentrate? Does it need to be mixed?

It is a very concentrated product. So you should mix with the water 1:4.

How often should I clean the outside coils with this?

Some ac owner recommend to once a year. there is no any specfic time. It depends on the environment. Excessively dusty or oily environments should be cleaned once per year.

Is it safe on plastic?

I have used this cleaner to wash my car’s radiator and intercooler. I mix 1 part product with 3 of water. I dropped some in the paint of the car but washed quickly. I can’t say you directly it is safe for plastic. You can test it on your plastic.

Is this cleaner safe for mini-split micro fin outdoor aluminum condenser coil?

Yes, this cleaner safe for mini-split micro fin outdoor aluminum condenser coil.

Will this product work on an ATV radiator?

Yes, will be work for any radiator. Just make sure not to leave it on it for more than 15 minutes.

3. Evap Power Cleaner

Will this product working to kill any mold on the coils? Can we spray down the interior if we see mold in there as well to good effect?

The container does not mention mold abatement, but it works perfectly to clean the ac coil. I hope yours hasn’t any other question.

Is this cleaner perfect for indoor?

Yes, it is good for indoor.  I have used to clean the air conditioning unit. my ac unit was all-time on and I getting a bad odor. After using this cleaner my ac unit wasn’t the bad odor.

Can we use this product to clean us window ac evaporator without removing it from the wall?

Of-course. You can use a garden pump type sprayer.

4. Chemistry Coil Cleaner

Can You use this cleanser on a mini-split heat pump

No. I don’t recommend this cleaner to use on a Mimi split heat pimp

Will this product work with my an indoor furnace/ac unit?

This stuff works on anything. It cleaned completely my full ac unit.

What is the direction for this cleaner? Do you have the HVAC or ac was running when you apply?

Yes, I turned the AC window unit off. I mind here no need details describe. In the product discretion, you will get details.

Does this work well on refrigerator coils?

I didn’t use this on refrigerator coils. So I can’t say you this. You can test it to clean refrigerator coils.

5. Frost King Coil Cleaner

Should the ac be run while I will apply this cleaner?

No. you should not on run while you will use this cleaner to clean your ac unit or ac coil

My condensate drain empties into a flower garden; will this cleaner harm my plants?

No, it didn’t harm my flower plant. So you can use this.

6. Lundmark AC Coil Cleaner

Do I need to rinse off after applying?

Yes, you will need to rinse after applying this cleaner.

Are this cleaner is safe? Can I use this to clean inside of my home?

 I am not sure.  I used it inside, well-ventilated area. After using this you will need to rinse.

7. CRC Coil Cleaner

Can I use this cleaner on my an ATV radiator coil?

Yes, you can use this on your ATV radiator coil.

Can it be used the can upside down?

No. it is aerosol can.  You can use it upright and sideways.

Can this product remove spray paint?

I confuse about it. I mind needing heavier duty.

Why need to clean ac coil?

When the ac unit is switched on, floating dust, dander, and debris get trapped in the coils. which reduces the efficiency of the ac coil. to keep your ac coil efficiency good, need to clean the ac coil.

How often need to clean ac coil?

It depends on you, but often you should check the ac coil. when you will see dander, debris trapped into the coil, try to clean it as soon as possible.

Is ac coil cleaner damage the coils?

Every manufacturer makes its product very safe. that’s why cleaners don’t damage ac coil. but some cleaner can make with the harmful chemical, they can be harmful. this type of product too limited.

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