Best Central Vacuum Systems

Best Central Vacuum Systems Reviews

If you want, you can leave other jobs, but there is no way to leave the vacuuming task. Actually the vacuum machines are expensive, and some products are very hard to carry. That’s why if you can get a portable vacuum cleaner then you’ll feel free to use the device. However recently the best central vacuum systems is a great product which saves time and as this is a built-in vacuum, it allows the whole process of vacuum to be easier and efficient.

Moreover, there is no worry about carrying a heavy vacuum one room to another room; this machine has a long lightweight hose which you have to use for cleaning. Personally, I have used the central vacuum system; the whole process was very lovely for me.

If you are interested in these vacuum machines, there you have to consider something. However, we will detail discuss at this guide. How you can get an effective device. So why we losing time, we can discuss the next steps.

Top 15 Best Central Vacuum Systems Reviews

There is some top central vac. they are effective products to whole-house vacuums. we discussed every product as you can correctly understand your requirements and find out the best central vacuum system for houses.

1. OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System

OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System

The OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System is made from heavy-duty steel. It comes with multiple features such as a Lamb motor, 700 air watts of power, and the water lift process up to a 140-inch.

To increase the lifespan of this machine The manufacturers have added a soft-start technology, which means this machine will give a delay of around 3 seconds. when you’ll close the power unite, that’s why the debris will not be fall out. It also designed for large areas, so you can clean up to 9,000 square feet areas without a doubt using the OVO.

It clearly everybody knows the filtration is the most important feature. With disposable filtration bags and a two-step air purification system, This machine offers cyclonic filtration. Also, the filtration bag has another advantage.

Thanks to the three layers features. it helps to remove the debris. also, there is no chance to create mini dust stormy problems. To control suction level and reduce air loss the air containment gasket comes in handy.

Why Like

  • It great for a large home because it can help to clean up to 9,000 ft
  • it has a powerful 2stage Ametek Lamb Motor
  • soft technology that has included increasing the moror lifespan.
  • It has High-efficiency filtration and noise blocking technology.
  • When the unit is full, a built-in LED readout lets you know.
  • It helps with deep cleaning.


  • It pricey and inadequate voltage.

2. Allegro MU4500 Home Central Vacuum System

Allegro MU4500 Home Central Vacuum System

The Allegro MU4500 is another best central vacuum system which comes with excellent power to make the cleaning job easy and faster. You’ll thanks to the Allegro MU4500 for the powerful motors.

Which is a tangential bypass design, it allows generating pretty solid suction. Moreover, its cleaning capacity of Mu 4500 is up to 6000 square feet’s house. It has a collection capacity of 5 gallons and comes with airflow of 124.1 CFM and water lift suction power of 104.8-inch.

Also, this system has an electric house of 35-feet along with an electric carpet powerhead. It also equips cleaning toolset, house cover, tool caddy, extension want, dust mop, and a garage kit.

Why Like

  • You can easily install this system
  • It provides versatile performance
  • It has seven attachments for your different areas.
  • Ideal and very convenient system.


  • Actually noisy function and inadequate suction

3. VacuMaid GV50PRO

VacuMaid GV50PRO

If you looking for popular the best central vacuum system, you’ll notice this product at the top.  It comes with important accessories to help your cleaning job. The remarkable attachments are a hanger 50” hose, dusting brush, floor tools, caddy, and wands. 

The vacuum system has been designed using galvannealed steel and power-coated, making it the machine quite a durable option. Also, this system has a 5.7inches and 120-volt Ametek Lamb. You can expectancy 75 percent performance of the motor than other models.

Here we clearly understanding, you can clean all floors very thoroughly for the power of motors and the bag collecting capacity of 7 gallons.  Thanks to the HEPA capacity bag, its five layers will filter 99.98 percent dust particles.

it only one device at this list which also comes with several other cleaning tools such as a dusting brush, metal telescopic baton, 12-inches natural bristle-tool, you can use them to cleaning your cars, floors, garage, etc… Actually I think, it can be a great cleaning system for you.

Why Like

  • This is a versatile functional cleaning system
  • It helps you to deep clean.
  • It made from powder-coated and corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Thanks for the Patented Air Channel technology which helps to eliminate dirs.
  • You’ll get five years of warranty.


  • It has plastic hose holderty and inefficient hose attachment.

4. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum

You have read above some best central vacuum systems, however, Prolux CV12000 can be the best option for you; it also can be a bit underwhelming. This is only one device which offers a 25-year of warranty, which is double that of other competitors, that’s why I can highly recommend you to purchase.  

You can clean up to 12,000 sq. ft. houses and it also powered by a 150 CFM 2 stage motor. The powerful technology used in Prolux CV12000, so you can clean your whole house without any problem. This device will also use the 3 step filtration process to remove allergens from the air.

You’ll get more advantages to the garage outlet. It allows plugging the suction house into the central vacuum unit. It also touts a clean window and allows tracking the remaining capacity of the chamber. Thanks to the CV 1200, it provides with a washable HEPA filter and Micron Pre Filter.

Why Like

  • You can clean the large houses
  • Provides powerful cleaning.
  • You’ll get a long warranty period, which is 25 years.
  • It comes with 3 step filtration system and provides clean air.
  • It also strong all-steel construction.


  • This system is not good for wet debris.
  • Comes with 12.5 amps that are too less.
  • The air watts are low.

5. HP Products 9880 Central Vacuum System

HP Products 9880 Central Vacuum System

Do you want to get the best central vacuum system at an affordable price? I would recommend this “HP Products 9880” system. This system motor comes with an overheat and overload protection which helps to resets the device automatically post cooling.

The product is compact that’s why you can easily install, also no need too much of the space. You’ll get more advantages to cleaning for the HEPA filtration bag, which quickly eliminates dust, dirt, allergens, etc.

you’ll get some various tools for clean different surfaces. We have noticed the following tools such as upholstery tool, crevice tools, mesh tool bag, rug, or floor tool dusting brush. Overall, this is a versatile device that can be for you.

Why Like

  • This is a compact design product.
  • It comes with an expendable hose.
  • This is a strong and durable construction product.
  • Overheat protection and come with various accessories to help you in different positions.


  • Their customer service is the poor and flip-up hose.

6. PP500 PurePower Central Vacuum System Power Unit

PP500 PurePower Central Vacuum System Power Unit

In this best central vacuum system reviews, PP500 PurePower is the most popular product. It provides 500 watts worth of vacuum power. Do you know how it provides?   This system comes with a powerful 2 stage motor, it provides power.

If you have an area up to 400 sq. ft. don’t worry you can clean the area without any problem using this machine.  It has self-cleaning filter that’s why you don’t need to maintenance. Thanks to the compact design you can install it in smaller spaces very easily.

It has noise reduction technology, which can reduce the noise up to 70 decimals. You can attach to the wall without any problem because it comes with mounting brackets. To make this system extremely durable they used metal and plastics.

Why Like

  • It helps you to clean very efficiently.
  • Thanks for the self-cleaning system.
  • You will capable to install in smaller areas.
  • It’s actually a durable product.


  • It has a lack of power.

7. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum

Imperium CV300 is another central vacuum system that comes with a powerful 740 air watts and allows you to clean 7,500 sq. ft. houses. It doesn’t too much noise. It only generates a noise of 58 decimals. So don’t need to worry about disturb people in the house.

It’s another great feature is the suction power of 183 CFM. It allows you to easily trap the tiniest dust particles and it also provides thorough cleaning. The system has been made of a sheet of metal that’s why it is lightweight and doesn’t problem to install.

Also thanks for the collection capacity. It’s has a collection capacity of 6.25 gallons with a paper bag and a dirt up.

Why Like

  • It has a powerful performance.
  • You can clean up to 7.5000 sq. ft.
  • 740 watts and 138 CFM are really good.
  • Thanks for the 10 years of warranty.


  • It hasn’t the filters,
  • It also not comes with vacuum attachments.
  • Maybe you have to require a bag.

8. Vacumaid P125p Central Vacuum

Vacumaid P125p Central Vacuum

VacuMaid is another reliable name in the vacuum industry.  The powerful motors, integrated technology, and accessories make this an effective and best choice product on my list. This system allows you to clean seamlessly large areas above 9,000n sq. ft.  Its remarkable features are air watt of 525, water lift of 125′, and 116 CFM.

It provides powerful performance and uninterrupted suction for the 7 inches tangential Ametek Lamb by-pass motor. You also no need to waste time for maintenance because this system doesn’t come with messy filters. Although its sound level is 76 decimal, it is very less and doesn’t too much disturb in the house.

It has been made in the USA and comes with the best filtration profess that’s why you don’t need to use extra paper bags or foam filters. Moreover, you can easily install this system, and it also can be resistants to corrosion.

Why Like

  • Very effective and clean very deeply.
  • You’ll feel extremely convenient to use this system.
  • Ideal to clean 9000 sq. ft. houses.
  • It makes less noise.


  • This system has a lack of power.

9. Bissell Garage Wall-Mounted Vacuum System

Bissell Garage Wall-Mounted Vacuum System

Bissell is a popular brand on the market; their other product is a central vacuum system. Actually, this system is most familiar with some awesome features. A wet and dry vacuum is the most important and remarkable feature of this system. It’s great for cleaning with a dry as well as wet mess like the garage.

Moreover, you’ll get another advantage, you can turn it into the blower if you clean the workshop actually it is extremely useful. This system touts seven attachments, which allows you to work on different areas such as upholstery, carpet, and bare floors.

The system comes with 4 gallons of capacity tank and 2 stage filtration system. You also get some important attachments such as extension tools, extension wand, mounting kit, and a long hose.

Why Like

  • The system comes with a powerful Amp for your great cleaning.
  • It also comes with various attachments and tools for clean and cool operation.
  • You’ll get 7 years warranty and it strong all-steel construction.
  • Thanks to the system to self-cleaning and tangential bypass motor features.


  • Small coverage and it is an expensive product.

10. Ultra Clean SC200 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Ultra Clean SC200 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Sometimes people aren’t interested to purchase a vacuum system for the heavy price. If you want to get an efficient and powerful best central vacuum cleaner system then Ultra Clean SC200 Central Vacuum Power Unit will be a great product for you.

If you have an area around 75,000 sq. ft. don’t worry; you can clean the area without any problem using this system. It is also effective and enough to clean a medium-size house, because the motor uses 13.8 amps. We also thank the central system for the tangential bypass design.

Although this Vac functions on a 2 stage system. The system comes with a great microfiber filter, so you no need to worry about clean it often.

Why Like

  • This is the cheapest central system on this list.
  • Thank the system for the tangential bypass motor and a 5.7″ drive diameter.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • Versatile design.


  • Fewer air watts and the CFM is low.
  • Not great for the big houses.

11. PurePower Central Vacuum System

 PurePower Central Vacuum System

Do you have a small home and looking for a system in a good budget, you can consider the PP500 PurePower Central Vacuum System. It can clean up to 4000 sq. ft house easily. Also, thank the disposable waste bag feature; it can accumulate waste up to 6 gallons.

It also provides deep cleaning and easily traps dust and bacteria better than ever. Also, you no need to empty the bag often. Just you have to empty it once in six months.

On the other hand, the sound suppression feature is great which reduces the noise up to 70 decimals. You can use this system for a long time and it comes with an extended hose to give you more advantages.

Why Like

  • It only great for the small house
  • It also capable of reducing noise.
  • Come with a convenient collection bag.
  • Very easy to use and capable of deep cleaning.


  • This system is not capable to clean the big houses.
  • It also clogs the filter.

12. Honeywell 4B-H803 Pro Central Vacuum System

Honeywell 4B-H803 Pro Central System

Honeywell 4B-H803 is another best powerful central vacuum system that is enough to clean your home. Though the motor is not quite, but enough to clean. It also tangential bypass drive design on a 2 stage system.

Thanks to the HEPA filter features. If you feel a problem with allergies and pets, you can depend on this central vacuum and it will be ideal for you.  Moreover, its power easily can collect tiniest particles of dust in your surroundings.

If you are interested you can clean your large houses, studios, and apartments because this central vacuum system is easily capable to clean 12,000 sq. ft. also another advantage you’ll get five years warranty period.

Why Like

  • It ideal to clean your larges houses studios and apartments.
  • Thanks for the self-cleaning feature.
  • It provides powerful performance for cleaning.
  • You’ll get a warranty of five years.
  • The tangential bypass motor also another great feature.


  • It comes with an inefficient motor and hasn’t enough installation instructions.
  • The CFM is something low and water lift is slightly below average.

13. Electrolux Quiet Central Vacuum Unit

Electrolux Quiet Central  Unit

If you want a product that comes with a powerful motor, in my list only the Electrolux Quiet is the best central vacuum system will be for you. This product feature is a mounting bracket and muffler for quiet performance and easy installation.

You can easily clean up to 8,000 sq. ft. on the other hand, the 5.7” two-stage motor offer you uninterrupted and powerful suction. Thanks for the long warranty period; you’ll get 10 years of warranty. It also comes with HEPA triumph and the system offers exhaustive and self-cleaning of the tiniest dust particles. 

Also, it is great for him, who is feeling a problem with allergies. Moreover, it touts an LCD display panel, which helps to monitor the efficiency at which the vacuum is performing.

Why Like

  • You can easily install the system
  • It helps to deeply clean.
  • Thanks for the powerful motors.
  • You’ll get 10 years of warranty.
  • Allows you to clean up to 8,000 sq. ft. houses


  • The CFM is a bit low, which is only 125.
  • Its lacks adequate power.

14. OVO Large Central Vacuum System

OVO Large Central machine

If you need to clean the floors carpet in your house, the OVO Large Central Vacuum System would be the best choice for you. It comes with great features and technology which will thoroughly clean your carpets.

Actually, you can clean up to 7500 sq. ft. space. It also comes with a two-stage motor, which offers you 630 air watts and a water lift of 130 inches

Thanks to noise-reducing technology. You can clean your houses without disturbing people. On the other hand, the soft-start technology increases the motor lifetime by 20%.

It also has a LED indicator that notifies you, when you have to empty the collection bag. If you suffer from allergies, this will reduce the risk of allergies.

Why Like

  • It improves air quality while cleaning.
  • It offers 630 air watts and a water lift of 130 inches.
  • Thanks for noise reduction and soft-start technology.
  • This reduces the risk of allergies.
  • Machine washable filter
  • The warranty period of 10 years.


  • It cleans only 7500 sq. ft. which is something less than other machines.

15. Beam SC375A central system

Beam SC375A central system

The Beam SC375A is another excellent and best central vacuum system in the market. This system touts an air watt motor capacity of 600. Actually, the motor has specially designed to render adequate airflow for fast cleaning, and this also effectively capable to clean up to 700 sq. ft. areas.

Thanks for the bagless receptacle features; it has the capacity of 15 liters, which you can empty with merely a simple twist. If you want, without any problem you can clean the hardwood floors using this system.

On the other hand, the good news is, it has a permanent filter, which means you don’t have to maintain. This cleaning system I think can be partly good for you.

Why Like

  • Its compact design product.
  • You don’t need maintenance.
  • Come with powerful motors.
  • Ideal to clean hardwood floors.
  • It allows you to clean up to 7000 sq. ft. area houses.
  • Easy installation method.


  • The filtration is inadequate.
  • Their customer support is very poor.

Best Central Vacuum Systems – Buying Guide

The central vacuum has many features. Including all the features, make an effective cleaner, that’s why you can clean floors without any problems. If you are a newbie and going to invest in the CVS, actually in the market have many types of central systems. That’s why find out the best central vacuum system can be a daunting task for you.

There are several things which you have to consider ensuring that you are getting a great central vacuum cleaner. Also, you have to know how they help and why they need. Not going to details discussion, I will discuss the features in less time as you can find out an effective central vacuum cleaner.

Filtration System

There have different types of filtration systems and every one specializes in certain areas. Actually, this feature depending on your requirements.  However, although have many types of filtration, you’ll get more advantage for the self-cleaning filters because you don’t need to waste time for cleaning it. That’s why most of the people like this.


There is the most important thing to consider product materials. Most of the central vacuum cleaners are designed by steel. That’s why the products are very durable. But some manufacturers try to cut the corners using metallic composites or metal alloys. Some brands can skip metals and can use plastic composite. Always steel designed products are best.

Type of Motor

Actually the central systems have two types of motors, they are bypass and thru flow. Do you know which is best between them? We noticed the bypass motors better than thru flow. As a result, I have found that it can keep away the parts of motors from dust and debris. On the other hand, the thru flow creates a challenge in cleaning wet debris and water lift.

Drive Diameter

You may don’t know how to help the drive diameter. It helps to determine the motor’s suction power. That’s why when you’ll find out a product make sure it is 5.7 inches. Always this rating is good for everything. If you get any smaller than 5.7″, I would not recommend you to purchase the product.

Air Watts

Air watts actually the combination of water lift and CFM, it also referred to as suction power. This factor helps to determine the efficiency of the best central vacuum systems. So this is most important for you. Before investing you should consider it.

Motor systems

These cleaning systems actually come in either 1 stage or 2 stages. Some people mentioned that 2 stages able to generate a modest amount more power. The info how much correct I don’t know. But I clearly know the one stage motors actually are more durable.


CFM is another great factor that measures central system airflow. Combined with a water lift, it also will influence the device’s total air wattage. You may don’t know CFM can be high. Also remember it may provide more or less suction depending on the system design.


Amps another great feature to measure the raw power of the motor. Although, they doesn’t determiner the system’s ultimate station power. But how can be it capable of, they will give you this idea.  Remember higher amps are better, although 15 is a good mark. But there have severe limitations below amp 13.

Water lift

This feature helps to determine total air wattage. It actually quality defines the central machine’s ability to suck water. You may don’t know, with a top-down flush arrangement this rating is determined.

Size of the Cleaning Area.

Before invest in the central vacuum, you have to ensure, how many places you need to do clean. If you have smaller areas less than 5000 sq. ft. you can get a machine in affordable. Moreover, you need to clean a large area; you should choose a product, which capable to clean up to 12,000 sq. ft.  Actually the whole is depending on you.


Actually what I will say about this feature. It’s depending on you. However too much noise doesn’t well for a smaller house, also you have set up the system in a place where people congregate. This is not good news.

  Most people don’t like too much sound.  That’s why you can choose a product which can reduce the noise. You will get some product at my list actually they are capable to reduce noise above 75 decimal.

Frequently Asked Question- about Best Central Vacuum Systems

There are some important answers,. I have given all the answers which people frequently asked questions. You may learn more about the central vacuum system to the answer. Hope they will be helpful for you.

How Much I Need to Invest In a Central Vacuum System.

The central vacuum machines come with many features and prices. Actually the price depending on the product features. You can get a device for $200. On the other hand, you’ll get some pricy products. Although they are a bit pricey, you’ll capable to clean large areas. if you purchase the less pricy product you may not get this advantage.

How Long Years I Can Use a Central Vacuum System?

Actually it depends on many things, additionally a normal central vacuum cleaner you can use around 15 to 20 years. But sometime you may not capable to use the accessories, they can be damaged, and you may need to change them after a few years.

Which is the Best Place to Install a Central Vacuum in My Current Home?

It totally depends on you. If you are interested to install a central vacuum system in your current home, you don’t need a major renovation.  The best place is the accessible attics and basement ceiling to install this machine.  If you are interested to install this machine in smaller house without any damage. I would recommend you take the help of professionals to select the ideal place and install.

How Often I Need to Empty a Central Vacuum?

The systems clean the dirt, dust, and debris and very shortly pass them into the canister or bags. Some devices come with great features, which notify when you need to do empty the bag. But basically the central vacuum system you need to empty once or twice every three months.

How Can I Unclog My Central Vacuum system?

Actually it is a very easy task; just you have to stick the hose form the portable vacuum into the offending central vacuum. But don’t forget to take care of the hose when you’ll unclog the CVS.


The central vacuum cleaners are the additional best valuable products for us home. They not only make your vacuum job easy. They also help to contributes to the value of overall space. If you constructing a new home or don’t have this system in your existing home, of course, you should install this machine in your home.

These systems are most important and help with multiple jobs. When you’ll go to choose a central vacuum system you have to consider your all requirements, then you’ll choose the right central vacuum. In this guide I have given details, also notified you what you’ll do?

Which machine can be best? Why best? What requirements need to consider? Etc.  However, this is my complete guide and added all information for you. I think you’ll not feel problem to choose the right system.

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