Best composite deck cleaners

Best Composite Deck Cleaner Reviews

As an outdoor material the composite decking we are using for a long time. They are dirty for multiple reasons, that’s why need to clean them as well. if you sweeping almost then possible to keep away from debris and keep as much as possible to keep dry.
Sometime a bit difficult to clean the hard stains on the surfaces, that’s why you can consider the best composite deck cleaner. we’ve listed some top quality cleaner, you can find out the desired composite deck cleaner of this list.

Top 9 Best composite deck cleaner

At this list, all the composite deck cleaner is perfect and the cleaning quality is good. We have selected all the top products on the market. Read details about each cleaner and select one which you want to buy.

1. Wash Safe Industries WS-SC-HE Spray Cleaner

Wash Safe Industries WS-SC-HE Spray and Clean Composite Deck Cleane

WS-SC-HE Spray has been designed to clean the black stain of the composite deck surface. it effectively removes and clean mold, grease, dirt,  mildew, black algae,  and other exterior debris of composite deck than other products. Maybe they designed with 5% chlorine bleach, which not harmful for pets while you will apply on the deck.   The 5% chlorine bleach will help to clean pores’ stains of a composite deck. This WS-SC-HE cleaner work only cleans the surface, ineffective at deep-set or below the surface cleaning.

2. Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

The star brite has manufactured in use to clean multiple surfaces such as metal, vinyl as well. also, you can use it to clean other stained surfaces such as plastic, rubber, and fiberglass. You don’t need any hard scrubbing to clean. this cleaner has included some effective safe chemicals which help remove the stains and dirt. You can clean the non-textured areas and it is an ideal cleaner that doesn’t remove max or polish. 

3. DEFY Composite Deck Cleaner, 2.25 LB Containers

DEFY Composite Deck Cleaner, 2.25 LB Containers

DEFY Composite Deck Cleaner is safe, oxygenated bleach deep cleans composite wood surfaces; also it opens the pores for maximum absorption. With cleaning the wood, this deck cleaner removes weathered graying color caused by damaging UV rays. The cleaner other features, it effectively, deep cleans and removes unsightly stains caused by mold and mildew growth. this composite decking cleaner is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, while you will apply on the deck, it doesn’t damage the composite wood fibers, grass, pets,  or most plants and ideal to cleaning fence, vinyl siding, wood siding, and aluminum siding.

4. DB-4210-4 2.5-Pound Duckback Products Composite Deck Cleaner

DB-Duckback composite a most effective cleaner which protects the wood from harsh ultraviolet rays and sheds rainfall like water off a duck’s back and hasn’t any calcium hypochlorite bleach. The deck cleaner comes with oxygen bleach features which allows removing all kinds of dirt and stains. it is non toxic that’s why safe and effective. you can use it to clean the vinyl fences and siding surfaces. because it’s ideal for remove mold and mildew. also fight against the algae, grease, and dirt. It hasn’t any harmful chemicals that’s why safe for grass, plants, or other foliage. it 1 gallon clean up to 150 to200 sq.ft.

5. SIMPLE GREEN Oxy Composite Deck Cleaner

SIMPLE GREEN Oxy Composite Deck Cleaner

SIMPLE GREEN Oxy cleaner is designed to clean the composite deck materials that work like other cleaners. It effectively cleans fences and other outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and carports. Other features are it lifts away tough grime, oils, and grease and eliminates stains from algae, mold, moss, mud, mildew,  and clay and without harsh chemicals uses the power of peroxide to lift grime and cleans up to 6,400 sq. ft

6.Simple Green Pro HD Heavy composite decking cleaner

Simple Green Pro HD Heavy composite decking cleaner

The Simple Green Pro HD is non-degrading to plastics, on-corrosive to metals and cleans rinsing. The cost-effective concentrate can be custom diluted for specific cleaning works and used in pressure washers, dip tanks, floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, ultrasonic, and other cleaning equipment. The cleaner is biodegradable and without sacrificing performance, it provides a safer alternative to solvents and other harsh cleaning chemicals. This professional degreaser and grade cleaner that eliminates grime and breaks down tough grease. Also, it removes stains on a wide variety of surfaces including engines, machinery, car exteriors, floors, and walls.

7. TH.087731-42 Thompson’s

TH.087731-42 Thompson's

Especially Thompson’s ideal to clean the composite deck. The cleaner is a very effective, oxygen powered cleaner concentrate, that is gentler and biodegradable then chlorine bleach-based formulas.   this cleaner effectively to removes algae, dirt, mildew, and fungus on a range of outdoor surfaces and ideal to use on wood, outdoor furniture, fences, masonry, concrete, stucco, brick,  outdoor, roofs, siding and some fabrics such as awnings and vinyl plastics.

8. DEFY Crystal Composite Decking cleaner Waterproofing Sealer

DEFY Crystal Composite Decking cleaner Waterproofing Sealer

DEFY Crystal specially designed to clean composite decking, which protects the composite wood from the harmful effects of the sun. It is a water-based, environmentally friendly cleaner, that’s why not harmful to the environment. Also, it doesn’t damage or change the natural looks of the composite decks. The DEFU Crustal is like sunscreen for wood. Its zinc nano-particles, blocks damaging UV rays, preventing premature graying and color loss. This cleaner is made with the highest quality resins, so it will last a season or two longer than other composite deck cleaner products and protects the natural growth of mold and mildew

9. WS-SC-1G Composite Deck Cleaner

WS-SC-1G Composite Deck Cleaner

If composite decks are covered with black stains and spots, that are not possible to clean of way, or you tired of cleaning an old stain, there have good solutions near this cleaner. Some composite deck cleaner topically cleans the surfaces, Doesn’t work to cleaning deep-set or below the surface. The product’s Manufacturer can understand the problems, then developed it to make able to remove black stains and spots of the composite deck and able to work to cleaning surfaces, deep-set or below the surface.

Wash Safe Industries deck cleaner developer used a small percent of chlorine bleaches that only 5%. The chlorine is transported into the pores of the composite decking by a special formula of surfactant chemicals that remove the stains of deck pores without scrubbing.

however,  when you will apply it on decking, no need to scrubbing, automatically all stains will be disappearing, the composite deck cleaner ideal for removes stains caused by mold, mildew, dirt, grease, black algae,  and other exterior debris, and works on Timber tech, tire and all major brand of composite decking. They have used a small amount of bleach, so not harmful for landscaping and pets when applied to your deck.

Features of an ideal composite deck cleaners

Every composite deck cleaner has some ideal features, which make it a cleaner. However, if anyone is interested to buy a composite deck cleaner of the markets. Some important features they will need to know. That will help them buy an effective, safe, and ideal cleaner. All the important features we have given detail below. When you will look for any composite deck cleaner in the market they will help you to find out top product.


Some composite deck cleaner is designed specially to clean a composite deck.  If you try to identify versatile products then the cleaner will help to clean elsewhere. For example outdoor furniture, wood, fences, masonry, concrete, siding, and vinyl fences then you will no need to cost extra money to buy another cleaner to clean them.

Not harmful: 

Typically some cleaner has harmful chemicals that damage the deck surface and color. Really is not good news for deck owners.

Safe for the pet: 

If you take any composite deck cleaner that has a chemical, which is not safe for the pets. When you will apply on deck, then it can be damage your pet or around plants. Always try to take pets, plants and environmentally friendly products.


Some cleaners Usability can be hard. While you will find out a cleaner, make sure the product application methods too easy. Typically has some composite deck cleaner they can work automatically. You can choose them.

Product Price: 

You get high prices products that didn’t think.  Some products price is too low and works like high prices products. Then why cost extra money? You can use them and save extra money.

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5 Ideal Tips to Cleaning Composite Deck

All exterior composite deck needs to clean. The composite decks can be less maintenance, again you can’t think that no need to clean them. When the composite deck will be stained you will need to remove them. However, there have some mistakes that can increase the regular care required to maintain a composite deck. Here have some effective tips to avoid the extra work that can help you.


The entire composite surface looks solid, but they are quite porous. Therefore needs an oxygenated cleaner that will reach deep into the material and clean the deck the surface. Before buying a cleaner make sure it is not Chlorine Bleach based. [Note: some manufacturers can used a bit of amount] . Chlorine Bleach is extremely corrosive even it can discolor and damage the deck surface, and can exacerbate any mold or mildew issues. To avoid this mistake choose a non-toxic, sodium percarbonate based cleaner.


Every expert person doesn’t recommend the Pressure washing for composite decking. it can be a big mistake for you. Using too much pressure can be ruinous for the deck. If the pressure washing is must needed, you should keep it at lowest pressure possible, and will not close than 8″ from the surface


Dirt and debris can build up over time collecting moisture providing the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Every deck owners need to clean gaps between the deck boards every once a year depending on her climate. It allows the air to pass between the boards helping to keep the underside nice and dry.


To clean a composite deck need extra care. Every day, is possible to clean dirt and debris with a broom. Here the better idea is using a soft bristle scrub brush for deep clean. If you use any right cleaner for cleaning your composite deck, then you will need le

Frequently Ask Questions

Is any product can a fell impact on deck color?

maybe, I am not sure. some cleaners use harmful chemicals that’s why it can a fell impact on deck color. when choosing any products make sure the manufactures didn’t use any harmful chemicals to make the products.

Can I clean my composite deck with any other method?

yes. if you are able then I will recommend you. but sometimes they can fell an impact on decking. that’s why to consider the cleaner product is better options.

How long time needed to clean decking? If I use any cleaners?

It depends on the cleaner. Some cleaners work quickly and for some cleaners need something time. When you will read any product description, in the discretion they directly say, How long time needed to clean a deck.

Can composite deck cleaner harmful for pets and children?

yes, some product is made by with chemical that’s why can be damage to the pet, children, and plants. before buying make sure it pet, plant, and children friendly product.

Can be any problems after drinking it?

it is a cleaner, that’s why it poisonous. If you drink it any time in any way, you should quickly go to near doctors. Anyone drink this cleaner and don’t treatments, he can die.

I hope this composite decking cleaner review guide was very helpful for you. I mind, you have selected your cleaners. If you have any problem or question, say me in the comment box. I will try to do give you the right solution.

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