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Best Decking Cleaner Reviews

To keep the decking clean is the most important work, it helps to maintain the deck appearance, and keep free from organic matter, fungus, and mold. Deck cleaner tools or products help to clean the decking materials, and no need to require all too often. To keep clean, fresh, spotless, your decking materials, need to consider the best deck cleaner products is most important. That’s why; we listed some cleaner which will help to clean the decking surface

What Are The Best Deck Cleaners?

The market has many deck cleaner products. We selected the top products as you can find out the best. below has a list, you can check them

Best Deck Cleaners List

1 Non-Skid Deck Cleaner 9.9Check Price
2 Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner 9.8Check Price
3 Mold Armor FG505 E-Z Deck and Fence Wash 9.7Check Price
4 DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Deck Cleaner 9.6Check Price

Top 9 Best Deck Cleaner Reviews

1. Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is one of the best deck cleaners in our list which allows easily clean textured fiberglass or painted decks. The special chelating agents enable you to remove spills and dirt without heavy scrubbing.  Its gentle formulation is the best choice for the homeowners.

However, this cleaning solution you can apply with a pump sprayer or a soft deck brush. Also after you rinse it away, The PTEF polymers provide a barrier against future stains and spills, and ideal for cleaning the multiple surfaces such as metal, vinyl, and plastic, one gallon this cleaner solution clean up to 1000 square feet.

2. Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner

Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner

The Spray & Forget House Deck Cleaner is very easy to use, and works to remove the green and black stains caused by algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss on the deck surfaces. It not only for deck, it ideal for using on multiple surfaces such as siding, stucco, and brick stone, where you’ll get green and black stains.

If you have exteriors then you can apply the cleaner on it. This is biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-acidic, so it is totally safe and this 5 gallons cleaner solution clean up to 1000 sq.ft.

3. Mold Armor FG505 E-Z Deck and Fence Wash

Mold Armor FG505 E-Z Deck and Fence Wash

If you want to clean your decks most effectively and want to restore your patio natural look, the Armor FG505 E-Z Deck Cleaner will be great for you. This helps to restore the original look of your patio that has weathered down or discolored due to dirt, grime, or mold/mildew.

When you’ll use this to clean the deck, you no need to mix this solution like other cleaners and it helps to clean the decks without scrubbing. Just you have to apply on decks and wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then you’ll rinse off the deck. In this way to you can clean the deck easily. However, this 1-gallon solution can up to 250 -300 square feet and this is a bleach-based product. That’s why you have to keep away to children and pets when you’ll apply.

4. DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Deck Cleaner

DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Deck Cleaner

The DEFY Wood Deck Cleaner ideal to deep clean the wood surfaces and it opens the pores for maximum stain absorption of the decks. Also, it’s great for removing the weathered graying color caused by UV rays. Although this is powerful, but not harmful for the grass and most plants. Even you can use this for cleaning wood siding, aluminum siding, wood fence, etc.

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5. 5 Liter Pro-Kleen Decking Cleaner

 5 Liter  Pro-Kleen
best cleaner for decking

The Liter Pro-Kleen decks cleaner definitely an effective product to the cleaning deck. The cleaner effectively cleans moss and angle on decking within few days.  A few weeks later, there will not sign of any regrowth.  It will need to 1 part mix with the 4 parts water, then applying with a garden sprayer or watering can. You will no need to rinse or screening.

The cleaner is very simple to use and highly effective which ideal for use on any wooden surfaces such as fences and sheds also, good work on the hard surfaces, meaning, used on the driveways, patios, and walls. However, this cleaner other features, it is not harmful, you will able to use on conservatories, uPVC windows as well as caravans and boats. All the moss will die, simple problems are they can remain on the deck that you will need to remove manually, don’t worry it is a very easy task, just need the broom to remove them.

one pack product produces more than 25 liters, that is so much, that’s why no need too much cleaner product, one pack enough to clean long deck materials. It works within some days, which prevents mold re-growing, and keeps the decking clean and slip-free for some months.

6. 5 Litre Patio Dirtbusters decking cleaner

5 Litre Patio Dirtbusters cleaner

5 Litre Patio Dirtbusters decking cleaner, that enough to cleaning 200 square meters of fence or deck. Also, it is safe for use on paths, patios, uPVC, and drives. This is spray and leaves products, that 1 part solution is mixed with 4 parts of water, then need to apply with a pressure sprayer or watering….. It also kills all algae in 5 days of the deck surface and thick moss in a week. After applying this cleaner, keeps clean the decking for some month.

Patio Dirtbusters hasn’t any acids or bleach, so not harmful, and when you will apply on deck.  After drying, no need to exclude pets and children from the treated area. Keep in your mind, when you will apply it on the decking make sure as rains no come within 24 hours.

7. 5 Liters Ultima-Plus XP Decking Cleaner

 5 Liters Ultima-Plus XP Cleaner

The Ultima-Plus XP is algae and mould remover cleaner. This cleaner is effective for cleaning a vast amount of fencing and decking.  Because it makes solution 50 liters, that is enough to cleaning 400m2.

the solution you can mix with up to 9 parts water for cleaning less problematic areas, like previous products it needs to dilute, then needs applying with a watering can or spray. The cleaner is really powerful; it reduces algae on decking within 2 days after applying and all moss will dead and brown.

Although the Ultima-Plus XP is slightly more expensive than of our listed other products, the dilution rate means a little goes a very long way. Also suitable for use on all wooden surfaces and will be used on t drivers, patios, statues, terracotta, and uPVC windows. Its great works for protecting the growth of algae and mould for 6 months after use.

The biodegradable and non-caustic formula making a safe and ideals cleaner and hasn’t any bleach or acid, which is safe for children and pets. While the cleaner will be dried no need to exclude the children and pets from the treated area.  If you have a large area to clean, it can be ideal for you.

Note: Always try to applying dry conditions. make sure while you will applying on decking surface, the rain will not come within 8 hours and a good idea is, apply it afternoon or early evening when sunlight is less intense go further.

8. Ronseal DC 5 Litre Decking Cleaner

Ronseal DC  5 Litre

The Ronseal DC is slightly different from those listed other products. The product has been designed to use before the application of treatments such as oils or wood preservers. It cleans mildew, algae, stain, and dirt, and opens the pores of the wood to allow decking treatments to penetrate into the wood. One pack cleaner is enough to clean the 24 square meters decks.

The products are ideal for applications with a garden sprayers and watering can. Also, for applying wood treatments need to rinse off with a hose before apply. It cleans all stains and dirt as well as algae of the deck surface and bring up a new look. If decking materials are covered by hard stains. Ronseal effectively cleans them, that can’t provide this listed other cleaners and applying process is easy and doesn’t damage the deck surface.

9. 5 Litre Jarder Concentrate Leave and Spray cleaner

5 Litre Jarder Concentrate Leave and Spray cleaner
best cleaner for decking

The Jarder 5 deck cleaner has been designed for the cleaning deck.  The cleaner one pack makes a solution of 30 liters that is enough to clean 240 meters . Also, you can apply neat or diluted to different strengths depending on the severity of the algae growth.

The great feature is, it shows results within 2 or 3 days and provides a barrier to prevent regrowth for up to six months. So your deck will be slip-free for the rest of the year. It can be also used on a multiple surfaces such as rooves, driveways, and uPVC.  It is non-caustic, bleach and acid-free. That’s why safe for the children and pets and it keeping your deck algae and moss free.

How Often Should you Clean Your Decking?

Basically, most of the expert people recommend cleaning deck at least twice a year, ideally in dry and warm weather conditions. It will prevent any build-up of organic matter & dirt from damaging the deck. If you want to wash your decking more often, it won’t do any harm; however, it is definitely not essential.

The Features Of a Good Deck Cleaners

Deck cleaner products are most important for us to clean the deck surface.  When our deck is filthy, then need to consider a deck cleaner product.  Here you can biggest mistake; every ideal deck cleaner has some features, which help to clean the deck, effectively and quickly — keeps free from filth up to six months. While you will look for any composite deck cleaner on the market, keeps the following features in mind, that will help you selected the best cleaner. 


versatile meaning the cleaner is available to use elsewhere. Some cleaner is designed just cleaning the deck. If you try to consider a cleaner, that can be used elsewhere for cleaning.  For example, patios, fences, sheds, walls, and driveways. It will be a better option for you. Using one cleaner will be able to clean a lot of topics. That’s why you will no need to invest extra money to clean them to buy other cleaners.

Not harmful: 

if you use the wrong cleaner to clean the deck, the cleaner can damage the deck surface or can be damage the color. When considering any product on the market make sure they didn’t use any harmful chemicals to make the products, which can be harmful to the deck. For example, the product is bleach, non-caustic, and acid-free

Safe for the pet: 

if any cleaner doesn’t damage the deck or its colors. Try to identify the products is safe for use around the children and pets. Although the cleaner is can be safe for deck, it can be used any chemical, which is not safe for pets and children.


some cleaner applying method can be too hard. When choosing any products, make sure it can be used by the garden can, watering can or sprayer and you can get products, that after applying, no need to rinse or screening.

Product Price: 

Some product prices too much. but if you try to look for, then get some less prices cleaners that will be work to cleaning like the too many price products. So you will able to save extra money, the deck will be clean effectively. What can be better than it?  


Ours decks are placed near the plant beds even near the lawns. if you have extra care on plants then you’ve to consider the biodegradable cleaners, nowdays almost are biodegradable, but just to make sure you can check it once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the perfect time to apply to the deck cleaner?

Dry time is perfect to apply decking cleaner when no rain forecast for the next 8 hours. Because it does the best work before washed.

How much time needed to clean decking?
it depends on cleaner products. some cleaner work quickly, they can clean deck in 2-3 days and some take time 3 to 7 days

How often needs to clean deck in a year?
Everybody should clean their decking at least twice a year. also when you will notice stains on decking try to clean it as soon as possible.

Can I apply deck cleaner elsewhere to cleaning?

Deck cleaners aren’t only for cleaning deck surface, usually some cleaner work to cleaning rooves, face driveways, and uPVC.

Why we should use decking cleaners? Can we just wash our deck and patio?

if you Just wash your deck, it can damage your decking surfaces. I do not like the job because it is labor and missy work. Using decking cleaners is an advantage it does not damage our surfaces and keep up clean our decking for some month.

Can I take safety precautions for using decking cleaners? Is it most important?

Yes! we should take safety precautions for using decking cleaners. Because have some decking cleaners that are harmful to children and pets. When you will buy it, this time make sure it. In the market have some product that safety for using around the children and pets. Again decking cleaners can irritate the skin and damage eyes. before using the product you can use gloves and eyeglasses for your hand and easy. Some of the product is harmful to aquatic life. Before use, this product mark sure, avoid the use around ponds or watercourses.

Here which product is best for small decking?

Oh, good question. This guide has a good cleaner that you can use for a small deck. I can recommend you buy “Ronseal DC Decking Cleaner 5 Litre” this cleaner. I mind it that it is best and perfect for cleaning the small deck.

About Product Some Customers Question and Answer

Jarder 5 liter concentrate decking cleaners for Q&A

Can I use it to remove for my roof moss?
Yes, you can use it. As the cleaner removes moss so I think it can be used on the roof. If any roof is sloping you should care where the liquid runs down.

When is the right time any deck cleaner?

this question hasn’t any solution near to me. But You can use this cleaner any time, always dry is the right time to use any decking cleaners.

These cleaners are safe for artificial grass? I used it on wood and paving. I do not use directly on grassy areas. As this product hasn’t any bleach and biodegradable, for this reason, I buy it.

Pro-Kleen 5 Liter Decking Cleaner Q&A

Can this product clear black algae on a concrete paving slabs patio? It removes Grey, pale green, dark green and black but don’t think it happen immediately, happen it in few days.

It can be used on smooth sandstone?
I am not sure, I have used it on my drive sets paving, garden, all terracotta pots, brick, walls crazy paved area, and fence.

Is this product safe for pond life? I have a pond near our patio. No! you are not able to cover the pond with a polythene sheet. here hasn’t any chance to use it near to pond.

Dirtbusters 5 Liter Patio Decking Cleaner

can we use it near the plant? I Have used on my drives and patios. I did not spray on plants. So I could not say it.

Can I use this cleaner for cleaning greenhouses, paths roofs, and motor? Yes, you can use for cleaning greenhouses, paths roofs, and motor.

Can I apply it by the watering can?
I have applied it by the small pump. I think you can use apply it by the watering can to clean a deck.

Can it use a dry time?
it is the best time to apply this cleaner but make sure it is not going to rain for at least 24 hours after application.

5 Liters Ultima-Plus XP cleaner

How much time need to get the result?
Really these cleaners show the result in two or three days.

How can I apply this cleaner? Have you any idea?
Yes, I have a good idea. How can we use this cleaner? Already I have said it. Please again read about this product in this article.

Thanks for reading this full guide. if you want to know more or have any questions. ask me in the comment box.

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