Best Electronic Contact Cleaner Reviews

An electrical contact cleaner is a combination of compressed air and some type of cleaning agent, like isopropyl alcohol. Every electronic repair technician knows, how much dirty easily every day the electronics and their components, which can hinder performance. The electronic contact cleaners’ most important features are that they can remove oil, food grease, and dislodge the foreign elements.

When pure metals come into contact with oxygen then create a process that name is oxidation and by the oxidation creates the metal oxides.   Metal oxides have different properties than their pure metal counterparts and in some instances, it can be beneficial.

Metal oxides aren’t very soluble when it comes to alcohols like IPA. However, all contacts not possible to clean simply. For this reason, you will need something a little stronger. We have listed some top electronic contact cleaner products, which will help to clean your contact correctly and made your works very easy. 

Top 6 Best Electronic Contact Cleaner Reviews And Buying Guide

1. WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner

WD-40 Company has been in the market for over 60 years and never stopped their innovative mindset to perfection. They have made the product most effective, so you will get the results you need with ease. WD-40 has been designed with industrial strength quality and extreme penetration for hard to solve issues. The exact blend, while proprietary, is quick-drying and residue-free and safe for use on all metals, and not harmful for any plastic or rubber.

It Blasts away dirt, oil, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment with pinpoint precision. Also, ideal for use on printed circuit boards, controls, precision instruments, and electric panels

2. CRC Electronic Cleaner

CRC 05103 QD Electronic cleaner is the best product for cleaning electronic contact. It has in the market for over 40 years and its price is very affordable. The 5103 Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner is perhaps the most popular.

 It has a lot of ingredients than other products. For this reason, it is best for cleaning electronic contact. CRC is safe for use on connectors and not harmful to plastic. Dimethyl butane, Methyl pentane, petroleum, n-hexane, difluoroethane, and n-pentane all help to make this contact cleaner what it is.

Who wants to get an electronic cleaner that will dry quickly? They can buy this CRC. Individuals who work in the automotive industry are particularly fond of the CRC Electronic Contact Cleaner.  While this does dry quickly some of the users states that this can be a bit problematic, and in some instances, it dried before they could work sliders or knobs loose.

It means having to use more of it to equally the effects of some of the higher-end products. While this cleaner lists petroleum as an ingredient combined with the quick-drying but will not lubricate your elements.

Caution: Unplug any devices/components prior to use and Remove Batteries from portable Electronics.

Around my home has a lot of Electronic Components. CRC 5301 is an excellent cleaner for electronic contacts, and moving surfaces, which may accumulate dust over time. I use compressed air to remove the dust and use CRC 5103 cleaner for deep cleaning the contact surfaces.

First, remove all of the knobs from your Home Theatre Equipment [remember to UNPLUG devices first] then Spray these controls from the front faceplate of the equipment. Then unscrew the 4-6 outer cabinet screws, lift-off cover and sprat moveable knobs & controls from various angles

Replace Cabinet screws. Reposition Component in its place WAIT at least 15-minutes, and then turn it on.

IMPORTANT ADVICE FOR YOU: When spraying items [small bursts] make sure that you TWIST or MOVE the KNOBS/ right positions/ Switches in maximum up/ down left and 100% rotate knobs back and forth several times. This will clean the contact surfaces like a Pro Technician.

3. Hosa DeoxIT Contact Cleaner

Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT has been designed for use as a general treatment for contacts, connectors, and other metal surfaces, its top choice for premium adaptors, cables, and other video audio accessories. Also, it’s analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical instrument, theater, broadcast, and professional video or audio industries. This product attractive feature is it chemically improves electrical connections to ensure clean and clear sounds.

Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT is a spray electronic contact cleaner product, that ideal for cleaning the contacts.  It Cleans, protects, lubricates, and improves conductivity in general and another feature is it aids in the reduction of intermittent connections, RFI, and arcing. Most of the users noticed it that it can help to abrasions and prevent wear.  Also, it is safe for contacts, all-metal connectors, and not harmful to plastic.

About this product, some of the user complaints are the nozzle and tube design. They said the tube is actually too large for the nozzle, that’s why it isn’t possible to use it easily. Though some user saying it. But I notice it has a lot of users. Also, who are professionally using, there haven’t any complaints about it. But why are some users this complaint? Not got any solutions.

4. Max 2015 Contact Cleaner

Max 2015 Contact Cleaner is made of a blend of IPA, petroleum hydrocarbon and n-hexane. It various Man Professional cleaning sprays available for use with electronics. Also its good features it is quick-drying and will leave little to no residue after use.

You should be careful because this cleaner maybe not safe for plastic. Actually this cleaner is very strong, that’s why can melt plastics and create additional problems

The petroleum hydrocarbon is misleading and this product doesn’t lubricate the components well enough. So always don’t try to depend on it. If you want to enough lubricate your components then you need to invest in a separate lubricant.

5. MG Chemicals 801B Contact Cleaner

MG Chemicals is another product that claims to have a lubrication feature. The polyphenyl ether provides an electronic-safe lubricant that can help reduce tear and wear on components. Also, this MG claims contact cleaner protected gold for life and doesn’t damage the plastic.

The Guitar players seem to favor this mg chemical cleaner. From amps to studio equipment, all musicians are highly recommending this cleaning product.

I have noticed, some of the users saying that this MG chemicals contact cleaner with PPE does not provide a long-lasting solution to oxidation. One user said it that this cleaner did removing gunk when first applied. The next day when he looked, then the oxidation build-up had already started to return.

However, if you are interested, then you can use this cleaner to clean your contacts. Though a lot of product has in the market I mind it can be best. I will not highly recommend you purchasing the cleaner. It depending on you. If you like most, then you can buy on the market

6. Permatex Electrical Contact

Permatex Electrical Contact cleaner has been made for cleaning contact and electronic devices. It is a new brand product in the market, that’s why not popular like other cleaners.  This cleaner has been for some years in the market. For this reason, it is an unknown product near most of the customer.

Permatex has been making sure it is environmentally friendly. They specifically state that the permatex electronic contact cleaner hasn’t ozone-depleting chemicals. Who are very aware of environmental, I will recommend using them.

This peramtex is fast evaporating and removes, oil, grease, dirtflux, and other surface contaminants. it’s designed to be the alternative of perchloroethylene and CFC-113, 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane solvents, and ideal to use on generators, relay switches, starters, computer components, compressors, circuit boards, motor windings, electric motors, and pumps solenoids.

Every person should aware of our environment; we can’t destroy our environment, so we should use always the environment-friendly product. For this reason, I will recommend you use this cleaner.

Some other tips for you

They are hobbyists, electrical repair technicians, or just want to fix phones. Firstly the most important step for there is to clean the contact. To clean contact will need a cleaning product. 

If you want to clean correctly then DeoxlT will be one of them than other products. Because, it has double lubricant than other listed products. if you want to get affordable products then in low prices WD-40 or CRC you can choose to clean your electronic contact.

Who very aware of environments,  Permatex electronic contact cleaning product is highly recommended cleaner for theirs. Though it is new products in the markets, cleaning quality like our listed other products. Depending on your requirements choose any one product of our list. Because we have listed all top products, they are perfect for cleaning grime, oxidation, debris, and dirt. 

You should remember, some contact cleaner product is harmful to plastics. When you will choose any product then make sure the cleaner is plastics friendly. However, our listed all electronic contact cleaner is safe for plastics without the Max 2015 Contact Cleaner. This cleaner maybe not safe {not sure} it can reason for melt plastics and create additional problems.

If you don’t like any clearer of our list, then I will recommend you find out any other cleaner of the markets. Already you have understood which features should be in products. Only we have written this guide to give you details ideas and marked which features should be in electronic contact cleaner. Keeping these features in your mind, you can find out any best cleaner. If you are not able to find out then we will recommend you choose one product of this list.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this cleaner to clean chandelier light bulb socket?

Yes for chandelier light bulb socket it is very awfully expensive and probably overkills. This product is something strong so I try to avoid use on plastic. This product wouldn’t ruin plastic but can discolor it. I am not sure but I try to do it.

Can I use CRC CONTACT CLEANER for turntable connections?

What style your connection? If your connections have a little corrosion or debris, you can use this cleaner. Recently I have used it for HIDS in my car. my contact was interment and it worked like a champ

This cleaner can be spry to clean the car battery?

CRC contact cleaner designed for cleaning electronic circuit boards. I can directly say you it can be used for cleaning car battery. This cleaner also works well for cling dirt and oil for model railroad tracks. It works well Baking soda and on waterworks car batteries

It can work on sticky buttons on my TV remote?

Really I didn’t use this for sticky buttons. I have noticed it that one user used this product for sticky buttons. You can try to use this.


This doexlT contact cleaner would be work for hdmi jacks and cables?

This question right solution hasn’t near me. But some users state that it can work for hdmi jacks and cables. You can try to do it.

This cleaner can be enough to clean 3 receivers’ knobs?

Yes, some user saying it that this doexlt contact cleaner enough to clean 3 receivers’ knobs

Can YOU use it busbar in an electrical panel?

No, about it hasn’t any information. Again it did not use this cleaner someone to clean it. don’t try to use it for your busbar in an electrical panel.


Can wd40 clean a water damaged phone circuit board?

I am not sure. this product manufacturer state that this product you can use on switches, printed circuit boards and electrical panels. And more mentioned it can remove flux residue, oil, dirt, and condensation from sensitive electrical equipment. I have used it on my wife’s phone after wet within 28 hours. I have got a good result. With this product, I have applied other some methods.

Can I apply this cleaner on the plastic surface? For remove oil and dirt.

Yes, you can use this. As this product manufacturer saying, that this cleaner is not harmful to plastic and it removes oil and dirt. you can apply this product on plastic for cleaning.

Can it discolor the metal plastic?

As this cleaner is safe for plastic, it doesn’t discolor your metal plastic. Without any problems, you can apply this wd40 contact cleaner product on your metal plastic. I am using this cleaner to 6 months, did not feel this type of problem.

Can you use this for controller joysticks?

I am not sure but I mind you should not use this cleaner for controller joysticks. But you mind it that it can be safe, you can use it, and don’t forget to comment to me about it.

Is it safe to use this for a charging port on a cell phone?

One user state that in her reviews this cleaner would be work. He has used this cleaner on her remote keys. Before using this cleaner he was removed her battery.


Can this cleaner be used to clean inside an amp?

Yes, it would be used to clean inside an amp. It is most recommended for potentiometers and all electronic parts.

Is this product safe for use on musical equipment, such as an amplifier?

I am not sure but it can be used for Fast Drying, Electrical grade, Safe on Plastics

Is it safe for cleaning motherboard without shorting it out?

Yes, it can be used only, while it will be unplugged form electric and aloud to set for 24 hours so no moisture is on it.

Is this will be able to free up sticky buttons on my DIRECTV remote?

This product can be used. It depends on you how much you will do use. One user state that he used it on all types of switches, and got a great result.

Why you will use the electronic contact cleaner?

Some electronic contact isn’t possible to clean easily, and not possible to clean it manually. that’s why you need to consider a cleaner.

Are these cleaners harmful to plastics?

some cleaner is harmful to plastics and rubber, that’s why when choosing any cleaner of the market, make sure it the manufactures mentioned it safe for plastics.

Can I use it to clean elsewhere?

Many cleaners specifically are designed to clean electronic contacts. but have some cleaner which you can use to cleaning printed circuit boards, precision instruments, controls, and electric panels.

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