Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners can clean a carpet more effectively than a vacuum. So it will help to remove the toughest mess. Also, it removes the scrubbing and works of shampooing carpet by hand. If you think overall, affordability, in terms of reliability and convenience then you can use the portable carpet cleaner. It will be better for you.

You can see the top portable carpet cleaner from here

Sometimes vacuuming isn’t enough. People, pets, and children can attest to this fact. If your consists of heavy-duty stains or its mess are very bad then most important to consider a carpet cleaner for your pets. In our localities most of the person’s rooms filled with carpet, so we need a carpet cleaner that can move around.

Sometimes you can hesitate for the size of the portable carpet cleaner products. It is not only your problems; these problems feel so many peoples. Personally I feel so. Some carpet cleaner can be very large, cumbersome, and heavy. After overall thinking, here have selected some Best Portable Carpet Cleaners, they will be very helpful and easy to uses.

What Are The Best Portable Carpet Cleaners?

We have selected some best portable carpet cleaning machines depending on some features and made this list for easily find out the great product.

The Best Portable Carpet Cleaners Comparison Table

1Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner 9.9Check price
2Bissell LittleGreen Upholstery And Carpet Cleaner9.8Check price
3Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaning Machine9.7Check price
4Bissell SpotBot 2117A Portable Deep Cleaner 9.6Check price
5Hoover SpotlessDeluxe Portable Carpet Cleaner 9.5Check price
6Bissell ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner 9.4Check price
7Rug Doctor Deep Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine9.3Check price
8Hoover SteamVac Portable Carpet Cleaner 9.2Check price
9Hoover PowerDash Portable Carpet Cleaner 9.1Check price
10Bissell Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner for Everyday Cleaning 9.0Check price

Top 10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners Reviews

We researched the markets to collected top portable carpet cleaners and collected some best products. All the cleaners are top in the market. Read these reviews and select the product that you do like most.

1. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

 bissell 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner

If you want to easy way to deep clean the home this device will be best for you. Because this machine has a large tank capacity and comes with several attachments of various sizes to help.

Its long power cord will give you the freedom to move around as you clean without having to unplug. It comes with a long hose that you can store easily on the body of the device.

You will get two attachments; their size is different and you will be able to suit different situations. The 3 inches, tough stain attachment is good for target the small areas and remove the deep-buried stains. Also if you clean the upholstery in your home then the 3-inch attachment will be perfect for you. And another 6-inch stair tool is a nice size; this hand tool is great to work to cleaning weaker stains.

The flexible hose is included with this machine to give you the freedom to clean the areas above the floor stretches a full 5 feet. Also, the hose attachment gets into tight corners, in between pieces of furniture, on the other hand, under vehicle seats without trouble. However, you should take care because the hose can be damaged; always try to avoid wrapping it too tightly.

This device has a large capacity tank, which can hold a 3/4 gallon. It helps to clean a large area of space without having to empty and fill the tank frequently.

If you use this cleaner don’t forget to empty the tank after your cleaning. This machine holds dirty and clean water in separate tanks. So leaving the dirty water isn’t good work. So keep it in mind.

These products with a power rating of 5.7 amps are very powerful for their size. It runs a strong spray to dissolves the stains. To help the people started on stain beating they have included powerful 8oz Professional Deep Cleaning formula

You can use this best portable carpet cleaner machine to clean the various stain like soil, wine, coffee, and pet mess. The powerful spray and suction dig into the stain to break and remove the stain. Also, it works for parents, after a long drive with the kids who find a backseat mess.

Keep it your mind that the hose can be breaking. It can’t be for a malfunction, maybe it can be for the rather storage. If tight wrapping puts too much pressure on the hose, it can kink and crack.

Why Like

  • A handy spot cleaner with superior suction
  • Removes the tough spots and stains on carpets effectively.
  • The power cord is 22 feet long
  • 6-inch stair tool and 3-inch robust stain too
  • 8oz Professional Deep Cleaning formula
  • Tank Capacity 3/4 gallon
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal to clean the multiple surfaces very easily.
  • Clean the multiple spots


  • The hose can break at the handle area
  • A bit on the heavy side

2. Bissell LittleGreen UpholsteryAnd Carpet Cleaner

Bissell LittleGreen UpholsteryAnd Carpet Cleaner

You can’t doubt the littleGreen power though it might look like a bit retro. This model is lightweight so you can easily carry around home and its other features are it tackles tough stain with its even stronger suction.

This device will save space, money, and time, which is an extra versatility. This Bissell LittleGreen Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner can be easily used on upholstery, carpets, stairs, and in the car. But you have to keep it within range of a power outlet because it is corded.

It is great for the built water heater. It is not like other devices, which you will need to full with hot water. And it’s warm the water up to 25 degrees. Although, You’ll not get boiling temperature, but enough for the stains.

This is very easy to use because of the 40-ounce tank is removable, you don’t need to fit the whole device under the faucet. And the handle features large switches to help the change between spray and suction.

The Bissell LittleGreen product with the full tank it only a little 11 pounds, which makes it significantly lighter than other products. This is a very compact design and easy to carry around and you can store in the cabinets without any trouble.

The hose is a bit shorter than other products. But its lightweight compact design helps to fast cleaning. if you need to deep clean and need regularly clean your juice and coffee stains, dog urine and other small spills on the carpets or upholstered seats this can be the best portable carpet cleaner for you

Why Like

  • Correctly work to clean the upholstery, carpets, stairs, and in the car
  • Tank capacity 48 Ounces
  • Strong spray and powerful suction remove the stains
  • Weight only 11 pounds
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying.
  • Power Rating: 3 Amps
  • Cord Length 15 ft
  • Easy to store in the cabinets


  • Must be cleaned out regularly
  • The hose is a bit shorter than other brands products

3. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaning Machine

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaning Machine

The Rug Doctor is an excellent device that you can easily move around the house. This is a compact little machine and it reaches only 14 inches in height. Actually it’s designed to clean the rugs and carpets, however, does the good work cleaning upholstery, the car interior, stain, even the pets bed. This machine compact size makes it an ideal solution for cleaning the stairs.

The Portable carpet cleaners machine has two tanks to separate clean and dirty water, and very interesting feature, it prevents bacteria from re-entering the home. The device motorize brush does all the scrubbing and its powerful suction remove the water and dirt.

With these product has 2 times more suction power than other carpet cleaners, and include a hand-held oscillating motorized brush and can easily remove the deep-down stain very easily. You will be very glad because the device motorizes brush technology revolves around 1200 times per minute.

The rug doctors without use the damaging heat or steam, scrubbing deeps within the carpet fibers. The excellent motorize brush loosens and breaks down stains and will clean your carpet fiber,

It does good work when you have to clean high traffic areas and hard to reach places. Also, the hose has a decent length, which helps to clean the narrow place. The device weighs around 20 pounds, and the retractable handle and wheels are designed to be pulled behind you without ranking your ankles with each step.

These best portable carpet cleaners, wheels are carpet friendly, so they will not damage the carpet or don’t leave stains on the freshly cleaned area. Each removable tank is best because each tank prevents cross-contamination and its two tanks are very transparent, you will able to understand when you need to empty dirty water or refill the clean tank.

The Rug Doctor has a large handle, which helps to carry around comfortably. Also if you are not able to carry it, so another option is you will drag it along, also, extends the handle, you can roll along on its two wheels, which will help you to use it comfortably.

The motorized brush work quickly and efficiently, you no need to use too much effort. It also helps to rub the deep fibers hiding your carpet. The suction removes excess water, dirt, and odor and effectively will remove your full stains, so you’ll no need to worry about restaining.

You can also add stain remover and carpet shampoo to make the work easy and faster. Also, you can bring the machine to the stairs, where it comfortably fits regular steps. However, this Compact design device you can easily store.

Why Like

  • Two tanks to separate clean and dirty water.
  • 2X times more suction power than other
  • Remove the deep-down stain very easily
  • Weighs around 20 pounds
  • Wheels are carpet friendly
  • The hose length is 5. 5-foot
  • Powerful suction removes tough stains and odors.
  • The motorized brush does the scrubbing
  • Slim, compact design, so it easy to store.


  • The water tanks are triangular shaped; you’ll not able to set it on a glad surface to fill.

4.Bissell SpotBot 2117A Portable Deep Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot 2117A Portable Deep Cleaner

When we clean a carpet in our home we know how hard to remove the pet stains and dirt. It has a highly-rated solution near Bissell spot bot cleaner. That will help you to easily scrub up pet stains and dirt.

This Bissell SpotBot carpet cleaner eliminating pet mess and tough stains. two powerful hands-free modes achieve this. You can add the desired cleaning solution to enhance the clean. It has included the pet oxy boost formula for you’re to test out.

This will sit on the car carpet when you will clean the interior. and great for the place it on the steps.

This cleaner works on stains because it has unique spiral brushes. Just you will place this device on the stain – – Personally, it will do all the work. Its other features, the Bissell uses the brush cycle of spraying and suction to remove the deep stains.

This cleaner includes a flexible hose that helps to reaches smaller areas and you can use to either suck or spray because it comes with the 3-inch tools.

The product’s two modes are very handy and you can change depending on the type of stain you’re dealing with. It works to remove the new stains, that haven’t had time to settle completely and correctly work to deep clean the older and deep-rooted stains. These two modes allow better cleaning compared to the other cleaners.

The Bissell SpotBot very loves the pet owners. Because it spiral brush remove the odors and dissolve the deep pet stains. Most of the pet owner mentioned how easy was to use this device near them and they got the results were better than they expected.

This Best portable carpet cleaning machine you will able to very easily carry around the house. It 14 pounds and it has a full tank, this product compact design and perfect for storage in smaller areas.

The Bissell products tank only holds a little over 30 ounces and the dual brushes use a significant amount of water. Some of the users mentioned that they had to stop to refill very often.

Why Like

  • Great to remove the pet stains and dirt.
  • Unique spiral brushes help to deeply remove any type of dirt on carpets
  • It is a compact so easy to carry.
  • There has a good hose.
  • It has included a pet oxy boost formula
  • Some other accessories


  • Maybe difficult to remove the brush head

5. Hoover SpotlessDeluxe Portable Carpet Cleaner

 Hoover SpotlessDeluxe Portable Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover Spotless is another best portable carpet cleaner machine on our list. It is lightweight and this device has a large handle for you to get a good grip. When you will complete your work, the cord quick wraps up on the backside, which will make it easy to store.

This is very easy to use in the car and we can use this in many areas in our house. on the other hand, the Two tanks can separate the clean and dirty water,

Recently hoover has included multipurpose tools. It will help to clean various soft surfaces effectively. You will get a trial sized cleaning solution and a pre-treatment gel to eliminate tough stains quickly.

As this has two tanks, so no worry about emptying the dirty water. The dirty water tank can hold 36 ounces, which is quite impressive for a machine, that is no taller than 15 inches. Also,use the same water again and again.

This Hoover Portable Carpet Cleaner device works towards creating a safe home environment for everyone to enjoy. The multipurpose tool is treated with an antimicrobial agent that protects bacteria, mildew, and mold. And it can asthma or trigger allergic reactions

Also, it has a 5-foot hose that helps to easily reach in a difficult place. just place the machine on one step, you will able reach around without having to stretch.

Always you have to be careful when you will wrap it around the body of the device. Because it can kink in certain places. But I’m not sure. But you can be careful. If it happens.

When you will be done your work, don’t forget to empty the recovery tank. Because when you will again use this machine for clean, then it can be an unpleasant odor.

Why Like

  • You can use it to clean multiple surfaces
  • Easily you’ll capable to set up, put away, store, and use.
  • It has a detachable hose head for easy cleaning
  • Very durable and effective device.
  • It helps to deeply clean.
  • A large tank capacity.
  • Remove bacteria mildew and mold also help to reduce the allergies problem


  • When you’ll clean, the rubber brush maybe breaks down.
  • The hose isn’t enough long like other machines.

6.Bissell ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat Portable Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell proHeat is a highly functional and efficient carpet cleaner. Its good design and functional features will achieve your desired cleaning result and it is a combined carpet and vacuum cleaner.

The notable feature of this product is the Dirtliftr power brush. It delivers incredible scrubbing action to combined with the heatwave technology, which can efficiently remove out deeply sitting dirt And also great work to remove embedded pet hair, stains, and other messes.

This product another attractive feature is complemented with a Cleanrspot pro cleaner, which can spray extra cleaning solution directly onto nasty and tough stains when need and includes with it the express cleaning mode for your quick cleaning.

Also, this Pro Heat cleaner comes with a long detachable 8-foot hose to reach those tight spots and an extra-long 25-foot power cord for easy maneuverability. Its 11-inch cleaning path is best for cleaning the large areas.

With this device have a dual 1-gallon water tank, without emptying the tanks you could to clean several rooms. Always you should be careful when you will taking off the water collection tank. If you try to pull it too hard then you might spill the contents. In our list, this product price is some too much, but the company has given it 5-year warranty stellar performance

Why Like

  • Very effective to deeply clean sitting dirt. Also remove pet hair, stains, and messes.
  • It comes with an 11-inch cleaning path.
  • You’ll get the 25-foot long power cord and 8-foot hose.
  • It has a dual 1-gallon water tank
  • You also get 5 years warranty.


  • This machine engine gets a bit hot and suction is half

7. Rug Doctor Deep Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine

Rug Doctor Deep Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine

Rug Doctor is another best portable carpet cleaner on our list. Previous you noticed this brand another model a Rug Doctor cleaner has on our list. This product most effective to clean the heavily soiled carpets and upholstery. This reason it earned a Gold rating from the rug and carpet institute.

If you try to notice, you’ll see it will provide 75% more suction power than other similar products, which will help to quickly clean. It has a dual cross action brush which will reach into every nook, and cranny within the carpet and scour away tough, ground-in dirt, and other stains. This is an expert carpet cleaner which will extend your carpet lifespan, and will keep the carpet new and fresh.

The 12-inch wide suction nozzle will help you to clean the large rooms easily. This includes a 7.7-foot hose to clean your stairs effectively. Without move the cleaner, you can clean stairs and other hard to reach the places, because the power cord is extra-long. The device wheels are carpet friendly, so your carpet will not be damaged when getting up and down the stairs.

This device is professional equipment for extracting dirt and evacuating tough pet stains and odors. The scrub brush is used for deep clean each carpet fiver forms all sides.

The Rug Doctor cleaning tool features the super boost spray setting, which clean stain in high traffic areas. This setting will let extract pet urine, dirt, odors, and heavy stains from the high traffic areas. If you think about maneuverability and ease of storage, then the rug doctor will be undisputable.

This device features a collapsible handle along with the detachable tool caddy. Which will make deep cleaning a lot easier than ever.

When you’ll start to remove the heavily soiled or deep stains sections of your home carpet the Super Boost Spray features come in handy. It will spray more cleaning solutions on the affected areas. Also, the sprayer is located at the back of the machine, so it will help you to aim for the stained spots.

Filling the clean tank and emptying the waste tank a very easy task. But you have to be very careful about the dirty tank. Because you’ll need to do this dirty tank a bit of tilting. However, despite the weight, non-messy ways, it is very easy to store. The Rug Doctor handle is collapsible and its caddy tool is removable. Which makes it a great carpet cleaner in the market.

Why Like

  • Come with a large tank, you can filling and empty it easily.
  • Besides carpet clean, it also helps to clean the stain from the sofa and beds
  • The cleaning head is 12 inches
  • The hose length is 7.7 inches
  • You can use it stairs and autos without any problem.
  • The handle is collapsible, so you can easily store it.


  • It takes some time to clean stains than other machines

8.Hoover SteamVac Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover SteamVac Portable Carpet Cleaner

Though the Hoover cleaner mentioned as a SteamVac. But it doesn’t use steam cleaning, but rather hot water extraction. Though the steam is visible but nothing more than just water. However, this device has a spinning brush, which will easy to clean the narrow corners. This cleaner can effortlessly blast through old or new stains pet fecal stains, built-up grime, doors, and messes for a sparkly clean carpet.

This product comes with an upholstery tool, which will amazingly work on furniture and stairs. Also, it has an 8-foot stretch hose to easily clean your stairs. However, this machine long power cord will cover a large room easily.

This Hoover SteamVac has 3 brush roll speeds, which will let choose between normal cleaning, spill pick up cleaning, and genital brush. It will make you easier to clean up the messes and spills. Also, this device’s brush is removable.

The Hoover SteamVac’s standout feature is the clean surge. With a simple press of a button adds an extra boost of detergent to stubborn stains and heavily soiled areas. Also, it 12-amp motor will provide a powerful heated air to the carpet for fast dry time. This is an entirely beltless operation, so it can be last longer.

Like other cleaners, it has two separate translucent tanks. The one tank holds cleaner water and another tank hold dirty water. Personally, you don’t need to hassle to mixing the cleaning solution; the hot water and solution will automatically mix.

The Hoover SteamVac deep cleaner around 20 pounds, so it is reasonably lightweight for a powerful model. Maybe it has a 1-year limited warranty. As its prices are so much, but the warranty is very limited than our list of other low price products. However, all things depending on you, what want to do? If you like then you can purchase this best portable carpet cleaner.

Why Like

  • The spinning brush helps to clean narrow corners.
  • Upholstery tools for clean furniture and stairs
  • Thanks for the 8-foot long hose.
  • It helps to dry the carpets quickly.
  • It comes with to separate tank like other machines.
  • The weight is around 20 pounds.


  • This machine doesn’t have a heater.

9. Hoover PowerDash Portable Carpet Cleaner

Hoover PowerDash Portable Carpet Cleaner

If you want to get a decent budget-priced best portable carpet cleaner, this Hoover PowerDash will be one of them capable of tackling your carpet cleaning work. It is a handy tool so the cleaning efficiency is quite impressive for the price.

The Hoover PowerDash cleaners great feature is powerSpin brush. it rolls gets the tough stains and spots out while offering antimicrobial to keep it clean form the mildew, bacteria, and mold. Also, you will very impressed to see the HeatForce technology, because it applies hot air to clean the areas, and facilitating shorter drying times.

The machine weighing only 13 pounds, so you can move it easily one room to another room and you can carry it up the stairs without any problems and another feature is a compact and slim design, so you can easily clean and store.

The clean water tank is a bit small. The tank cans highest keep up 0.5 gallons water. If you want to clean a large area rug, maybe it is enough. The device includes a removable nozzle that will help you to easily maintain and clean. Also, the lower profile cleaning head will make it easier to get into those tight spots as well as under furniture.

If you want to clean high traffic areas and small spaces this cleaner machine will help to more easily clean. Also if you don’t like to see any product in the room or haven’t a large area to store, you can store this device, there you like most, as it is compact and slim design.

Why Like

  • This is an affordable product
  • Ideal to remove pet problems on the carpets.
  • It helps to remove bacteria, mildew, and mold.
  • It helps to dry the carpets.
  • The machine weight only 13 pounds.
  • It holds 0.5 gallons of water.


  • The tank size is smaller than other carpet cleaners.

10.Bissell Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner for Everyday Cleaning

Bissell Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner for Everyday Cleaning

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser wraps is another best portable carpet cleaner on our list. It is the last product at our list., which combines a strong spray and suction to remove the messes, spots, spills, and stains. The device weighs only 4.6 pounds that makes is the lightest portable carpet cleaner.

However, if you want to buy this cleaner in the market, then keep some information in your mind. The machine has a lithium powered battery, you have to charge it 4 hours, then you will able to run for 15 minutes to cleaning. When you’ll be done 15 minutes, again you have to charge it to go to the next step.

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser tanks capacity only 8 ounces. So it is a bit small. Our listed most of the products offer deep cleaning scrubbing action, but it was designed to help remove and cleaning with everyday messes and stains.

It maybe can’t come with the most powerful suction,( not sure) and the battery isn’t long-lasting. This product is very affordable so if you have a small rug and areas to clean than it can be better. But mind it, that this cleaner might not work like our listed other products.

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser products company mentioned that it can remove the pet stains and messes to the upholstery, carpet, area rugs, and auto interiors. It also can instantly and permanently remove stains like food grease, red wine, dirt, makeup, vegetable oils, vomit, blood, coffee, tomato sauce cold, urine, feces, motor oils, mud, and grass.

Though they have mentioned too many features, I will not highly recommend you to buy this cleaner like our listed other products

Why Like

  • This is a very compact design product
  • You can easily store it.
  • Great for every day clean.
  • You can purchase it for clean small carpets.
  • It capable to clean multiple stains on the carpets


  • The cleaning time is too less.
  • The battery may not long-lasting.

What is a Carpet Cleaner?

The carpet cleaners are familiar as shampooers and extractors. because they can help to get rid of the stubborn sain and old stains. however, some noticeable components are found in them


These devices pump the water and cleaning solutions from the tank and clean the carpets. in most of the device has pressure level up to 60-500 psi.


Properly sucks the other materials and the dirty water from the carpet and make sure the surface is free from the dirt.


These come with enough size of tanks to hold the cleaning solution and water to rinse and clean the carpets. the tank size is 4.5 gallons to 17 gallons.

Recovery tanks:

These tanks hold the dirty water that the machine sucked from the carpets. it means almost every machine comes with two tanks. one work to hold cleaning solutions mixed water and other work to hold the sucked dirty water.

Heating unit:

This feature is not included in every carpet cleaner. the heating unit uses heat to make the carpet cleaning job effective

When you will purchase a carpet cleaner, keep in mind that these features have includes in the cleaners. They are the most important features of carpet cleaners.

The Difference in The Carpet Cleaners

All the carpet cleaners are not the same, There has some important noticeable difference in the home and professional. As you are going to use these for your home That’s why we didn’t focus on the professional. Our main goal was to collect the top carpet cleaners for home use. There are three major ways to clean a carpeted surface.

Wet Cleaning:

This process is almost similar to the carpet cleaning steamers. these are always you’ll get in home markets. wet cleaning uses chemicals with the hot waters to clean any carpets.

Dry Cleaning:

This process is totally different from wet cleaning. it extremely most popular to clean the carpet surfaces. These features will use some special solvents and foam to clean the carpet and will help to dry quickly.

Bonnet Cleaning:

Bonnet Cleaning is another way. this process is expensive. probably need to use vacuumed your carpets and need to remove them using the rotary floor machines.

We’ll recommend choosing home cleaners. also here you have to consider how you’ll use these machines and which type of carpet you need to clean. in this process, you’ll get general two options. such as spot and steamer.

Carpet steamer:

I’ve noticed the portable carpet steam cleaners are most popular for home use. Because these allow to deeply clean the carpets. This process uses hot water and a small amount of cleaning solution. Also, that vacuum has included with this, it helps to remove all the hard stains on the surfaces.

Spot cleaner:

The spot portable carpet cleaners are a bit small than the steam machines. but their cleaning process is the same. These small sizes machines are suitable for those, who have small space to clean. These machines you’ll capable to store anywhere.

What Makes a Portable Carpet Cleaner?

The portable machines easy to move anywhere and they are perfect for cleaning small spaces. They also the best choice for cleaning stairs carpets. if you are familiar with the traditional barrel vacuum and upright vacuum, these machines are like them.

Although the traditional machines are heavier, nowadays machines are less weighty. Also, you’ll get a hose and long cords with these to reach easily and some machine has included the wheels to carry easily. these features make these portable carpet machines most popular.

Vacuums VS Carpet Cleaners

Probably you have read the above definition and thinking that these carpet cleaners may make too much noise like the vacuum cleaners. although this information is a bit true. but here have some difference.

  • The vacuum machines use the suction process to remove any kind of dirt and grime from the surfaces. Don’t use any water even the cleaning solution to their working process. That’s why very easy to clean the surfaces consistently.
  • The portable carpet machine will use a cleaning solution and hot water to clean your carpet surfaces, which is not required for vacuum machines.

As the vacuum machines are heavier than the portable carpet machines, also you’ve to pass a hard time to maintain them. that’s why your best pick will be the portable machines.

How To Choose a Good Quality Portable Carpet Cleaners

Now the portable carpet machines are most popular in the market and They come in many designs, sizes, and models., So you can face a big problem to select them. But here we have come to help you. When you will buy a portable carpet cleaner from the market, taking in your mind the following considerations.


If the carpet machines are heavier like the vacuum cleaner machines then they will be a sink in your carpets. The heavier machines are suitable for the plush carpets. if you have other carpets then you need to consider the light machines. Additionally, vacuum machines are faster than carpet machines. Also, you can look for a long hose which has included in the device. then you’ll capable of clean a large area without moving the cleaning device.


if you don’t like to leave the carpets in wet condition. You can try to find out a portable carpet cleaner that has good suction power. because the suction helps to remove the waters on the surfaces properly. it means there is no chance to affect by mildew.

Storage friendly

You should make sure where you want to store the machine. if you don’t like to keep the carpet cleaner here and there in the room. then you can choose the Carpet spot cleaner machines.

These are small and very easily you can store them. But it does not have the power to clean an entire room.

you can decide to sacrifice some compactness in a portable carpet cleaner in order to generate more power and you should need to know what are your needs before beginning to look for a new appliance.

Cord and Hose Length

If your hose and power cord is the loner, it will be easier to reach all aspects of the room without having to move the portable carpet cleaner too much. So always keep it in your mind and make sure the hose and power cord will be longer. The power cord and hose length come depending on the device model.  If you choose lighter and compact carpet spot machines, Then no need to consider the length. if you choose the heavier carpet cleaners, then must you the to make sure the machine has included a long hose and cord.

Pet capabilities

Those like to pet such as cat and god, the portable carpet cleaner is a perfect choice. this helps to effectively clean the potty training accidents also their messes. this machine does better work than a vacuum. All types of portable carpet devices are great for cleaning pet stains But some are designed for the home that not capable to clean the pet stains. When you will purchase make sure the cleaner you will able to use to remove potty training accidents

Tank size

The portable carpet cleaner is best for home cleaning. Because these are lighter and small than other carpet cleaners. Here we have a simple problem. As a small device, their tank capacity will be small. If you are interested in clean large areas, then you should consider a device that comes with a large tank. Those occasionally clean the carpet; I will recommend them to choose the smaller tank-based machines if have an investment problem


Like other appliances, you need to buy a product that has a one or two years warranty.  The portable carpet cleaner isn’t different. Some of the companies provide a limited warranty; most of the time they give 5 months to a 12-month warranty, which is no better for us. As a product, it can be any time problems. So when we will get a 1 to 2-year warranty, then without costing us the extra money, we will get free service from the companies to fix the machine problems.


Are you interested to get extra attachments with the machines? other cleaner machines have not come with an extra attachment without a vacuum. Some will offer only tools that are created for the upholstery, pet messes, and crevices.

The Top Idea to Get More Output of The Portable Carpet Cleaners

When you will clean your carpet with any portable carpet cleaner, you should keep in mind the following few things. These tips will well great to create the clean and luscious looking carpet. That you always want to look at.

  1. To clean the carpet if you use a spot carpet cleaner, before cleaning the carpet make sure to lightly mist the area with detergent, it ensures that all of the mess gets take-up by the appliance.
  2. always try to vacuum before and after using the portable carpet cleaner
  3. Make sure the carpet isn’t too wet. It the carpet is too wet after cleaning try to dry it by towels or fans. Because any person does not like to see the too wet carpet. 
  4. Try to clean any stain on your carpet quickly otherwise, it can be impossible to remove if you too late.

Home Carpet Cleaning vs Professionals Cleaning, Which is best?

Do you wondering to spend the money and hire a professional carpet cleaning service? Maybe it will be the best option for some people. If you try, then you can save a bit of money using your personal portable carpet cleaner products.

The other most effective benefit to personally clean the carpet, you can clean up any accidental spills or stains that occur. No need to wait for an appointment. if you use own portable carpet cleaner machine, any time able to clean the carpet stain as soon as possible, without help with the carpet cleaning service.

Because while will notice stains on the carpet,  always not possible to take help from any carpet cleaning services,  so own portable carpet cleaner will help remove the carpet stains any time.

However, using the portable carpet steam cleaners has some drawbacks. The first drawbacks are it can take time to clean the carpet properly. If you don’t like to pass more time.  it will be hard works to clean your personal carpet.

The next drawbacks are the portable carpet cleaner doesn’t make hot water like professional machines. It means, it can be harder for your home cleaner to clean as effectively or dry your carpet as well after cleaning. But I think it will be acceptable to you better than invest money to take help from the carpet cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Question About Portable Carpet Cleaners

Which are the best portable carpet cleaners for stairs?
All the portable carpet cleaners couldn’t be good for the stairs. for this reason, we have selected the ” Bissell LittleGreen Upholstery And Carpet Cleaner” This is ideal to clean the stairs.

How I can consider the best portable carpet cleaners pets?
Before buying a portable carpet cleaner for pets you have to consider some most important things, that’s why I would recommend reading details about the “Bissell SpotBot 2117A Portable Deep Cleaner”. This cleaner is ideal for cleaning pet stains, dog urine, odors on the carpets.

What are the best portable carpet cleaners for cars on this list?
Besides clean the home carpet, you can use the portable carpet cleaners for the cars. If looking for this type of products, then you can try to use the ” Hoover SpotlessDeluxe Portable Carpet Cleaner “

What can be the best portable spot carpet cleaners for me?
If you want to clean the spots on the carpets then we would recommend using the “Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaning Machine “

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