how to clean electronic contacts

How to Clean Electrical Contacts (Easy and Effective Ways)

Electronic contact is a bit difficult to clean; they become dirty for simple use. That’s why lost their real performance. If you try to clean these using water, never capable to clean. Even, your electronic contacts are not too dirty, then you can clean them with a micro-brush. If the items are very dirty, then I will suggest you consider a contact cleaning kit.

If you would like to buy the cleaner, you can read this electronic contact cleaners reviews guide. You’ll capable to discover the top product. However below we have discussed some tips, there you’ll able to learn How to Clean Electrical Contacts.

How to Clean Electrical Contacts with a Microbrush

The Microbrush is not newcomer method that is used to clean the electronic contact. It is a traditional process; people are using it for a long time. Below we had given details on how to clean your contact using the micro brush.

 1. Firstly need to apply cleaning to a micro brush.

These are tiny and disposable cleaning tools. These are capable of rich into small spaces. If you don’t have any micro brush, then you can buy them from any online shop or from any office supply store. Also, you have to dip the brush into the electronic contact cleaning solution.

 I also noticed much experts use the household solution. They are not harmful to the contact, these household products are, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover.

2. Insert the brush into the contact or wipe it off.

Here is the most important part are, you need to ensure your item is unplugged. Must you make sure it before start cleaning it? Now those brushes you have already dipped into the cleaning solution, take a part of the brush, then insert the brush into your contact slot.

You need to make sure; the brush is not dripping with the electronic contact cleaning solution. If it is, then you can dab it off on a paper towel before starting to clean your contact.

3. Allow the item to dry completely.

Probably at this moment, you’ll completely finish wiping your contact. And will be satisfied, your electronic contact is totally clean. So you can discard the micro brush.

I noticed many people don’t place them on a flat surface. But you’ll place it, and then allows it to dry completely.

Probably it will take time only one hour. After one hour if you see, that the item isn’t dry. Then you need to wait until dry it. 

You may know alcohol dries quickly; I guess it will be dry in two or three minutes. But you may use a cleaning solution such as vinegar, nail polish remover. Actually these take longer to dirty. So you have to invest extra time to make sure they are dry.


The described process is totally safe. You may get multiple tips to clean contacts, they might be harmful. However, this tip allows for easy cleaning, even make sure your too dirty contact is clean properly. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide. but to make your cleaning job effective don’t forget to buy the contact cleaners.

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